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Had this weird feeling the whole time at the flea market today--I kept wanting to sneeze but occasionally it would get stuck--leaving me with my face screwed up in an expression of mock pain. I kept sniffling and had this compressed feeling lingering in my sinuses. 0_o
Didn't find the stuff I was looking for, but bought a "La Vie En Rose" CD for $3!  Was listening to it in the car & found that Edith's voice sounded somehow different during a few songs--like perhaps they versions of when she was younger? I dunno. 

There was also this cool, large man selling hats that reminded me of Santa Claus--he had a deep, resonating voice that I loved at once--with just a touch of a German accent--and I ended up asking him some random question just to get him to talk to me.   :]
Me: Do you have any black, wide-brimmed hats?
Him:  No. Sorry. But there are others. 
Me: Oh...well--thank you! 
Him: Thank you.  *Kind, cheery/slightly embarrassed smile.*
He kind of actually reminded me of Mr. Edwards from "Little House on the Prairie"--perhaps that's why I found him so endearing. 

Twas a good day.

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Carnation Kiyoharu
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I love when I come across a new band I love. I have fallen.
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complacent complacent
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Vanity Kills Codeine Velvet Club
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Just finished watching the 'finale' of "The Wallflower." It was strangely moving and...beautiful. (I admit it; I cried out of both sadness and joy.) I love how this show always leaves me with a smile on my face and all of its hilarious-ness and tenderness. I also love Sunako Nakahara(because she reminds me of myself with her love of creepy things) and the opening song. I will conclude with the lyrics in English from "Slow" by Kiyoharu <3:

"Ah, on the nights that I think of you, in a sweetly smelling breeze,
A comforting kindness will pass through me

I could hear when you were there,
Laughter that turned into a song,
There were no elaborate words,
Time stops, and is flowing slowly

Now I have opposed and strayed from the freedom called loneliness

I know just how painful it is
If a conversation is interrupted, it's sad...

Ah, on the nights that I think of you, in a sweetly smelling breeze,
Traces of you from the time we touched save me
Ah, if you sing, it will be carried to me, wrapped in the distant wind
A comforting kindness will pass through me"

When we were apart it was okay, wasn't it?

Our feelings won't fade

Ah, on the nights that I think of you, in a sweetly smelling breeze,
There isn't a disappearing reason; traces of you save me
Ah, if I come to myself tomorrow, have the words lost meaning?
If the mistakes that added up spoke to me,
Ah, our shared dreams from those days are now in the distant wind,
But your future and happiness will go on forever,
Ah, if you can sing to me, I'll go towards your image that reaches me just a little,
A comforting kindness will pass through my heart."

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moved :']
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"Slow" Kiyoharu
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I was just thinking about tomatoes. I never used to like tomatoes as a child--hated the taste of them, in fact--but now I eat them as if I'd been fond of them my whole life. Yesterday I had a tomato and mayo sandwich on wheat (which is quite delicious, fyi; including salt and pepper. It honestly tastes like summer.) and today I had leftover veggie pizza from Papa Murphy's including...roma tomatoes.
See?--Proof that people do change--if only in taste. 

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amused amused
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The thuder scene from Ouran High School Host Club
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Just watched "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" from the "The Sound of Music." It inspired a scene for my book and made life even more wonderful. Tomorrow is my birthday, although I'll be three years older than sixteen.  *Big, continuous smile* 
Going to hunt for vintage items by the seaside until the sun goes down. Gonna buy a caramel apple--maybe two. And also some ice cream. 
And boogie on the boardwalk while I'm at it.

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It's Wonderful Ella Fitzgerald
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Had another apocolyptic dream. Now comes the question: 
No perhaps I won't ask that question. 0_0
My brother was like 'Geez, now all you need is to add robots. Do you have a death wish?'
'Ajsdij!' I said indignantly. 'I do not!'
I want to enjoy my youth.
Anyway, this is what I remember: Standing outside in my backyard looking up at the sky with my mom and some other people whose faces I couldn't see and don't remember now. It was just about dusk and beyond the telephone poles and wires I saw this alien spaceship in the distance--round, a dark gray color; unoriginal. All of a sudden, this too bright, intense blue light shines down in a ray with bluish and green spots swarming within it. The wind picks up immediately and my mom screams over some loud noise for me to get inside where other people are already heading. She follows me in and tells me to hide under a couch in our living room (which is pretty hard to do, seeing as the only space available there is a few inches underneath the bottom with the frightened dust bunnies--but my dream makes it work) so the aliens couldn't find us. I pulled the lever for the foot rest and dive underneath, managing to squish myself inside of the couch with my legs bent backwards and my head forcing up the seat cushion slightly. Sure that the aliens would be able to see me as obviously hidden as I was, worrying that they might have some type of thing that senses body heat, I waited until my brother walks in casually from the hall.
He calls my name. "Where are you?"
I was pretty sure he could see me and was just being unnecessarily annoying, but he actually couldn't. I poked my head out and he laughed, and then our mom took us to this large arcade for refuge where other scared people were. There, I saw my friend from high school who was crying because she missed her mother and I told her to keep in touch, giving her my cell phone number, telling her to call me if she needed someone to talk to. If you're still alive, I thought seriously, and then my mom shepherded my brother and I back to our house. We began collecting supplies & I soon found out that Mom intended for us to escape to the woods in Nevada (Ironic; near Area 51 suspected location) where we were going to go camping before the whole thing started. We are about to depart with the cousins we go camping with and then the dream fades away.
I wonder if this is turning into my dream journal. Anyway, it wasn't really a nightmare, though it sort of might sound like that here. (I hardly ever have real nightmares.) The scariest thing was the bright blue beam coming down and the wind and the noise. I remember that vividly in my mind's eye, as they say. Very creepy. I hope actual aliens are friendly and peaceful.
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Slightly paranoid
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Stormy Weather Etta James
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My cat likes plum juice! Aha! Eureka! how sweet! (pun) 
I'm not sure if that's good for her anyway, so I'll have to check online before letting her have more. She kept licking my fingers. I offered some to my other one, but he prefers butterflies--stalked, caught and ate one in the backyard before I could stop him. It was white, sort of looked like a moth, though. He looked so sweet among the flowers.
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amused amused
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Arm Drawing (500) Days of Summer score
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